Terrarium Care 101

Caring for your terrarium can be tricky for some, but if you keep your plant in the right location and provide it with a good balance of water and indirect sunlight your plant with thrive. The following simple tips should ensure you're terrarium grows strong and healthy for years to come.

The first thing to understand is that terrarium plants prefer the indoors. They thrive in warmer locations, somewhere with plenty of indirect sunlight such as the kitchen, bathroom or lounge room. Terrarium plants do not like direct sunlight which means while the window ledge might seem like the ideal spot for your terrarium, if the window comes into contact with direct sunlight (not shaded by a veranda or trees) then your terrarium may become stressed and wilt in the heat.

Secondly you should be careful not to overwater your plant as this may lead to mould growing in your terrarium and can cause the roots of your plant to rot. You should water your terrarium well, ensuring soil is moist without any excess water sitting at the bottom of the terrarium, and should allow your terrarium to almost completely dry out in-between waterings. *Please note: succulents will requite more watering than leafy plants. 

It is also good practice to remove any dead or wilted leaves/stems from your terrarium - keeping your plant trimmed back and tidy will give it the best chance of survival and ensure it doesn't grow too big for its surroundings, while encouraging its leaves to increase in density.

Follow these steps and you'll be a terrarium king/queen in no time, and if you have any further questions about caring for your terrarium you can email us at: customerservice@bowenkenneth.com

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