"How to" guide for Hanging Light Bulb Terrariums

This page will give you step by step instructions for creating the perfect hanging light bulb terrarium from your hanging terrarium pack!

The steps for creating the hanging terrariums are slightly different to that of our other terrariums - Instructions for creating the other terrariums can be found in under the heading "Recent Articles" on this page.



Your Bowen & Kenneth hanging terrarium pack should include the following:

1x small bag of pebbles

1x low maintenance air plant

1x Bowen & Kenneth hanging light bulb vase



Prepare your working area; place a few pieces of newspaper down on working surface to catch any pebbles that may escape your terrarium while making it.



Add 1/2 the bag pebbles provided to cover the base of the vase.



Insert the air plant into the terrarium through the hole in the side of the vase (roots first - to avoid damaging the leaves of your plant).

Stand air plant in upright position using fingers.



Add remaining pebbles as desired to decorate and hold plant in position.

*We have provided you with more than enough pebbles to fill your vase and you will almost certainly have some left over - Do not over fill your vase with pebbles or they will fall out of the hole in the side when hanging.



Hang your terrarium securely, away from walkways or anywhere windy to insure the vase isn't knocked and broken.

The very occasional sprits of water from a spray bottle in the warmer months will help your air plant thrive.


And there you have it, you're very own hanging light bulb terrarium.


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