"How to" guide for Beaker Terrariums

This page will give you step by step instructions for creating the perfect beaker terrarium from your DIY beaker terrarium pack! The steps for creating the beaker terrariums are slightly different to that of the light bulb terrariums - Instructions for creating your DIY Light Bulb Terrarium can be found in "Recent Articles" on the this page.



Your Bowen & Kenneth Beaker Terrarium pack should include the following:

2x bags of pebbles

1x bag of soil/sand

1x succulent/cacti plant

1x wooden stick

1x Bowen & Kenneth beaker vase



Prepare your working area. Place a piece of news paper down on your table to catch any soil/sand that might escape the terrarium when you're constructing it.



Add one bag of pebbles to the bottom of your beaker.

*Please be careful not to damage your beaker vase when adding the pebbles as glass is very fragile.



Pour in the bag of soil/sand provided.

Using the wooden stick, distribute the soil/sand evenly around the base of the vase - covering the pebbles at the bottom.

Make well in centre for your plant.



Remove succulent plant from packaging and carefully place it in well at centre - roots first!

Use wooden stick and hands to stand plant upright and carefully pack in the roots of the plant with the surrounding soil/sand. 

*Please use gloves if plant is prickly!



Hold the plant in position if unstable and add the second bag of pebbles, distributing as desired over the soil and around the base of your plant.

*The pebbles will keep the soil compressed and the plant in an upright position.



Carefully dust off soil/sand on your plant.



Lightly water your plant.

*Do not over-water, succulents/cacti are easy to maintain and survive on very little water - they do not like to swim!


And there you have it, you're very own beaker terrarium!



Your terrarium should be kept inside, somewhere there is plenty of indirect sunlight - glass is magnifying so it's not a good idea to keep your terrarium in direct sunlight as the plant may become stressed and die.

Water your terrarium very occasionally (once a month should keep your plant healthy).

Remove any wilting parts of the plant, weeds or mould from your terrarium to keep it healthy. 


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